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JTTA/OSS MultiBond Acid Free Primer 10ml

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JTTA/OSS MultiBond Acid Free Primer 10ml

MultiBond Acid-Free Primer is a brand new generation bonding primer that can be used with ANY enhancement system. Try it with acrylics, gels and even polish. Once applied, the MultiBond air dries and creates a super sticky film on the nail plate. This product arrives in a black bottle and definitely needs the lid kept tightly on and needs to stay away from direct light. 

Used correctly, priming is the first, important step when applying any enhancements - gels, acrylic nails, wraps and even nail polish. Proper preparation of the nail plate, including priming, can help eliminate product lifting. MultiBond Acid-Free Primer coats the nail surface and allows ANY product to grab hold of the nail plate, promoting adhesion.

 Many enhancement systems eg conventional acrylic liquid and powder and uv cured gel products will stick to the nails without primer, however, they may not stick very well. The condition of nails determines whether and how much primer is needed. Repriming the same area more than once doesn’t make the surface more “sticky.” In fact, over-priming can damage the nail.

No burn, MultiBond Acid-Free Primer is a non-methacrylic acid primer as opposed to corrosive methacrylic acid based primers. MultiBond is not corrosive to the skin and can’t enter the bloodstream via the nail bed. Non-methacrylic acid primers do not etch the nail for the acrylic to grab hold of the nail surface. Instead, it works like a coat of adhesive, containing an ingredient that adjusts nail pH to help the acrylic product and other enhancements adhere.

When you apply MultiBond, ensure it is allowed to dry completely on the nail before applying any product. Once the primer is applied to the nail, it begins to evaporate. When it has completely evaporated, the nail may appear sticky and slightly white. The primer doesn’t dry to a white finish, it is the completely dry nail that may look white.

Dos and Don'ts of Primer

  • Wear safety glasses and gloves if necessary, use good ventilation and avoid spills.

  • Keep the lid tightly closed and avoid direct light and heat on the product.

  • Keep MSDS close at hand. This product is highly flammable.

  • Allow the first coat to dry completely. Do not apply product on wet primer. Allow non-methacrylic primer to dry completely before applying product.

  • Never apply more than two coats of primer.

  • Don’t apply primer on nail tips. It can crack ABS plastic.

  • Do not apply primer on the skin. Do not rub your eyes while applying primer (residue on your fingers could get in your eyes).

  • Avoid applying primer to the same area more than once.

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